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Value Statement


Everyone's voice is heard, and everyone is treated fairly. No one person controls the collective, and decisions are made as a community. 

Equality anchors our collective. We strive to create an inclusive community in which all members, regardless of ability or status, are heard equally, treated fairly, and compensated equitably. Hierarchy in our group is minimal, and any hierarchies that do exist are monitored by our community, and modified by our community if necessary. 


Our community speaks about community issues openly and responds to them assertively. Our community teaches Capoeira respectfully and carries on its legacies of inclusion and resistance. 

We hold each other accountable for our actions both in our local collective community and greater capoeira community. When we notice anything that is cause for concern we speak up, and act decisively if necessary. We strive to uphold the spirit of resistance that Capoeira has embodied over the years, and we try to respectfully and dutifully teach the traditions, rituals, and practices of this unique cultural art form. 


We create an environment where participants need not fear for any aspect of their safety. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and when the safety of anyone is at risk, we act quickly to rectify the issue and report it openly. 

We value safety because we love our community. We adhere to standard sport safety procedures, including first-aid training and teacher background-checks and certifications.  We do not force our members to ever do anything more than they are comfortable. We create a safe space in which participants can be free from unwanted advances, and from bullying or shaming. When the safety of anyone is at risk, we act quickly and decisively to remove the offending party, report to the community, and rectify the problem. We understand that safety in our community is the responsibility of all members. 

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